Binary Matrix Pro Review – Official Review

Binary Matrix Pro Review – Official Review

Official review from the Binary Matrix Pro Development Team


Binary Matrix Pro Review - Official Review

Binary Matrix Pro Review – Software

In the binary matrix pro review you will learn a lot about the new software and how it’s  could highly increase the profitability for 60 second Binary Options trades.

What you’ll probably find the most exciting feature of the software…

Binary Matrix Pro Review –  Performance Reporting

What we’ve achieved, in essence, is to allow our entire community of users  to report AND share important trade results:

A) Whether they TRADED a particular signal, and

B) Wheter the trade was a  winner or a loser

However… the more important aspect of this feature is that our users see the results being reported by other members of the community… LIVE! Yes… LIVE – as it happens.

What’s most impressive is that the Social Performance Reporting feature shows our users are consistently reporting over 81% WINNERS…

As each signal appears in the BinaryMatrixPro software, users have the OPTION (though not the obligation) of reporting whether they traded that signal by clicking the “CLICK IF YOU TRADED THIS SIGNAL” button.

If you choose to report your trade, you’ll be taken straight through to the Social Reporting And Results Panel. If not, the panel displays automatically after 60 seconds.

If you DID report taking the trade then, 60 seconds later, you’ll be able to confirm whether it won or lost.

Either way, you’ll see the activity and results reported by OTHER members of the Binary Matrix Pro  community updating in real-time.

Here you can see the number of reported wins

And here’s the number of reported losses

This data arrives in REAL-TIME.

Here you can see the number of trades reported… this is the number of community members who clicked the “Click here if you took the trade” button.

And this shows the number of outcomes reported – in other words, how many people confirmed whether their trade won or a lost.

So, thanks to Social Performance Reporting, you have the ability to review the BMP community results BEFORE deciding if BMP is even right for you.

What’s really cool is that you can do that via the BinaryMatrixPro software AND through our back-office, which also includes a variety of statistics plus historical results.

Now, let’s go over what should matter to YOU and your hard-earned money….

Binary Matrix Pro Review –  Back Office

Thanks to our Social Performance Reporting feature, every single trade …and its outcome… is logged in our back-office.

The back-office is a treasure trove of historical AND live results… updated “as it happens”.

This data is collated from the trades and outcomes reported by the Binary Matrix Pro community so, for the benefit of the WHOLE Binary Matrix Pro community, we decided to make those results available.

There’s no need to be shy – feel free to browse, view, review and verify the information whenever you wish.

One important point to make is that ALL reported trade information is 100% anonymous – no personally identifiable information is included in our social reporting system.

To access our back office, simply click the “Access Back-Office” button to open it in a new browser window.

Once inside, it’s very easy to navigate and the information displayed is equally easy to understand.

The first things you’ll see are the daily and weekly summaries. These provide an overall picture and are updated live.

Looking below, you’ll find more detailed information that provides additional insight.

 Binary Options Trading Risks Disclaimer:

Binary Options Trading Is Risky!

Please visit the CFTC for more info about the risks related to binary options trading:

Don’t trade binary options with money you CAN’T afford to LOSE!